copiers and printers

Control Your Costs with Rules-Based Printing

copiers and printers

Does your organization have a way to curb excessive or nonessential printing? Free access to your copiers and printers may give your employees the impression that they can print without restraint. While some printing falls into the mission-critical category, many organizations discover that their rising printing costs are primarily due to the lack of an official print policy.

Answer These Questions

Here's how to find out where your print expenses stand, and what you can do to bring them back in line.

Is it Better to Lease or Purchase Your Copiers and Printers?

copiers and printers

Does your company have a plan for upgrading your copiers and printers? If you're not sure whether to lease or buy (or even if you should upgrade at all), here's a quick overview of the benefits of both options.

Purchasing Benefits

Some companies opt to purchase their copiers and printers. With plenty of available working capital, they're not concerned about tying up critical funds for equipment purchases. Some of the advantages include:

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